2 Years





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Jaleel is so special to me. I can’t even imagine my life without him. So grateful life led together. Considering all of the places he has lived and played I believe in destiny for sure. Fate made sure he had enough time in Utah so we could fall in love. I am also very grateful that through long distance and whatever life brings us nothing will tear us apart.



XOXO Meggy G

Wine Party Decor

Party planning mode was activated again lol


My soon to be sister wanted to have a wine & cheese night to ask her bridesmaids to be in her wedding.

I had TOO much fun coordinating.


This came from Pinterest inspiration. I found the cheese boards on amazon for $15-$25. I then just set the table and added in the food as it worked. It ended up going better than anticipated. lol45400823_10156010272226089_4161255077060804608_n

I wanted some cute signs. I found this Wine O’Clock on Etsy for $2. I printed it off. I even plan to use it again for other fun wine events. I also took an empty vase to fill it with my mom’s old wine corks. I think the little touches paid off on this one!45376312_10156010272196089_1662513022020616192_n

We all got wine glasses that said bridesmaid and used them to drink the wine & champagne!45337771_10156010272531089_1397215202839101440_n

I used cute colored trays to create a vibe. I tried to have everything coordinate. These are from Dollar Tree. It made clean up easier because I was able to just throw them out.45340749_10156010273861089_6398908445294067712_n

I DO NOT have good handwriting. So on Amazon I had ordered these wine labels then used them to spice up the bags. In the bags Tayja wrote them all a note, had the cutest necklaces & we put the Bridesmaid wine glasses in there.45348765_10156010272261089_123501591322951680_n

Most of these trays are from Dollar Tree or my cupboards. The gold silverware and cut containers are from Walmart. I think the holders were $3 each. Just in the party section at Walmart near the wedding decor. 45450057_10156010272456089_8887503133291315200_n

I re-used this from the engagement party- Custom from Etsy. I plan to use it for any showers too. It is helpful to remind everyone of the wedding day since it is somewhat far way!45480424_10156010272396089_7729904349169582080_n

I have weirdly wanted this sign forever. This was a perfect occasion. I found it for $9 on Amazon. I feel like this is a sign I can re-use as well.45347569_10156010274276089_3974663551485739008_n

I did not get a goof photo of the flowers but I like to have fresh flowers at parties. I think they help make it feel put together. They aren’t expensive and I get personal joy after the party too! lol45433183_10156010272386089_7229450052555505664_n


Feel free to comment or find me on Instagram if you have any questions.


Also as always huge party tip- cute decor sets the mood for great pictures. Take lots of pictures they help capture the moment and make it even more memorable.


XOXO Meggy G


Girl Gang


What does girl power mean to you?


To me- girl power means a girl being anything she wants to be…doing anything she wants to do and being strong.

I was raised by a strong woman. My mom was not only a phenomenal mom but also a business woman. She taught me that I could become anything I wanted as long as I was willing to put forth the effort. Hard work pays off. Not always how you want it to but it always pays off.

I am such a firm believer in supporting the success of all- just because you see someone else being a boss babe does not mean you cannot be one yourself.

I want to cheer for women to succeed. I feel happy when they post their fitness journey. I feel joy when I see a friend get a promotion. Even if a girl online is a complete stranger I want to celebrate her successes.


To me that is what a girl gang is- girls united to support each other through life!



I am obsessed with my girl gang shirt. Get yours today- be sure to use my code for 15% off “MEGGYG15”


Party planner in the making..

I have always loved a good party. Not just fun but well decorated. As I have gotten older it has become more and more of a hobby for me.

I am thrilled that my brother got engaged and had the BEST time decorating their engagement party last weekend.


Here are a few party tips I have learned over the year:

  • The Dollar Store is your BEST friend.
    • I purchased frames, bins, trays so that the serving table would match and some balloons there.
  • Balloons are the perfect touch- the huge ring balloons are from Amazon. They are more expensive than most but they were too cute to pass up. I took them to the grocery store to blow up because it is cheaper than Zurchers.
  • Pictures are a reusable item- more is better!
    • I love to print tons of pictures. Even if I did not use them all I knew I could give them to Tyler & Tayja to save for future parties or just to look at on a rainy day.
    • I used some frames from around my house as well as some I bought from Walmart / Dollar store. I am a sucker for a nice frame but these worked out perfect and went with my color scheme.
  • Amazon & Etsy can make any vision become your reality. (If you are willing to put in the time to search & search haha)
    • The Tyler & Tayja wooden sign is my favorite. I swear I almost cried when I got that. I slapped some Shiny Golden paint and bam it was a statement piece.

Also, don’t forget to take pictures of everyone & everything at any party. It makes the memories last.




Megan G.

Long Distance Love

Clearly I am writing this because there is a special someone that I am missing…just a little bit extra tonight. Long distance love is extremely complicated and difficult(well worth it though). We not only have the distance issue but the time difference issue to tackle as well. It is 10:28pm here and I am so tired I am barely awake (I am a sleepy girl/granny) he is dead asleep because it is 7:28am there. We have tried it all. He is the best because he stays up late to be able to talk to me. He usually stays up until about 1am so we can text and maximize our time to talk.

Anyway instead of sitting here being super sad because my favorite human is on the other side of the world asleep I am going to focus on all of the things in 2018 that make long distance love a little bit easier.

#1- FACETIME: I swear I feel like I am hanging out with him. We can eat together, scroll through IG at the same time, watch a video together.. even fall asleep together. I am super grateful for FaceTime.

#2- SOCIAL MEDIA: I am the more annoying one so he will wake up to a text, a Marco-polo (the cooler snapchat you should try it), a twitter DM and a few Instagram DMs of random things I see throughout my day that remind me of him. It is fun for us to wake up feeling like we were a part of each other’s days! It is a simple picture of what we had for dinner or video saying goodnight that helps!

#3- PHOTOS/VIDEOS: I love to look at old pictures or listen to videos whenever I miss his voice and face. I feel nostalgic whenever I look at our photos. I even use iMovie to make random little clips to watch. It makes me feel a little bit closer to him.

So, as much as it sucks to be this far from my love at least technology helps bridge the gap. It is not a forever thing so it is cool to have a way to feel close to him in the meantime. Thanks 2018 for making it easier to long distance love!!!


A perfect party for a perfect human

Click to watch video: Momma G’s Birthday Video



My mom is my best friend. I was so excited to plan and put together a special party for her. I spent weeks planning, coordinating and getting all the details perfect.

It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. She loved it. Plus everyone had a blast! From eating, drinking, dancing to singing karaoke. We had it all lol

The turnout was awesome, great music, good food and I pulled off the surprise video.

My mom is special to so many so I wanted to put together a video of her favorite people sending her a 50th birthday wish!


My BFF Jazz

Growing up I did not like dogs. There was a point in time that I hated dogs and said my children would never have a dog… lol Fast forward a few years.. a dog is my world. WHAT! Yes, I have dog hair all over my car, my house and my beloved black leggings.

Summer of 2016– I was in a very weird place. I was tired of going to the bar, not sure who my friends were and I was lonely. I was very anti men at this point because.. well many reasons haha. But,  I started looking into getting a dog. I first looked at German Shepherds because that is all I know. I grew up with German Shepherd and even my brothers had them. I also thought I would love a Golden Retriever.

I quickly found out how expensive Shepherds are. I had $400 to spend. I would check KSL everyday to see if there was one in my price range. Then one day I saw that the price for a litter had gone down. I got the cash out just in case, made my entire family come and went to see if I liked the boy puppy that was left. (There were two girls and one boy left)

Then there was tiny Jazz Bear in a hole smiling of course. The second I pulled him out to meet him he rolled on to his back and let me rub his belly. It was love at first sight I swear. He was SO cute. I took him home haha. I got the cutest clearance German Shepherd! I have videos of day one until today of him smiling at me.

I did not in that moment understand the impact he would make on my life. I was scared because I did not know what it was like to have a dog. He slept in my bed and I took him everywhere. We got closer and closer as the days went on.

Jazz Bear taught me what unconditional love is all about. It does not matter if I step on his tail, leave him in the car for an hour while I shop, make him sit at work.. anything I do he is smiling up at me. He loves me when I feel pretty or when I look like dirt. He is the sweetest little guy.

I can’t imagine my life without him.

When I needed a hand, life gave me your paw.

PS If you are in a weird place in life and need love.. get a dog. (They are lots of work and expensive but the best companions ever)



Raider Nation

Growing up I was raised in a household that LOVES sports so, in turn here I am a lover of sports.


People as why the Raiders? Well, Utah doesn’t have a professional football team. So, most people in Utah like the Broncos or Steelers. But, my dad was born in Oakland and my mom growing up loved the Raiders.


So growing up we have loved and supported the Raiders. Last season I went to my first Raider game! It was an experience of a lifetime.

The fans are die hard and so nice.

Everyone invited us into their tailgate spots to try food and get the full Raider Nation experience.



I got this Baseball Jersey from Forever 21 on clearance for $16! And I love it!!!

Iasi in Review




I love photos— sooo much! I think everyone I love gets tired of my addiction to taking pictures of everything.

I also love vidoes. So, I put together this little clip so I can remember my time in Romania.

A few things you should know about Iasi, Romania:

-The Palace is a must see. We went to the museums inside and had a blast..not to mention it is so beautiful.

-You should shop there. I found some amazing jackets that are too cute and were fairly priced.

-Coffee is everywhere. I am talking everywhere. They even have vending machines for coffee. HAHA Starbucks was of course my favorite because it was familiar but I tried coffee from lots of places and loved it!

-Do not go to a grocery store right before it closes…. haha they literally pulled down drapes over the sections of food we were looking at. (10 minutes before it said it closed)